Saturday, January 30, 2016

Godspeed STS-107

1-February-2003. I inexplicably turned on the TV, only to see streaks of smoke and flame across the Texas Sky. I knew immediately what it was, and my only though was Damn-it, not Again!

I wrote this immediately after. (slightly different from the album version)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone:

Friday, May 29, 2015

BayCon 2015

Got to BayCon for the first time in many years.  New Hotel (which they have had for several years).

Very spread out function space.  Never did actually find everything.  Lots of good guests though.  Sunday night concerts were outstanding.  Got to see Callie Hills for the first time in several years as well.

10 days before the convention I was offered the 8PM Saturday night concert slot.  Kristoph Klover ran sound.  Had absolutely no problems with my Rainsong. Didn't even need the DI box.

A little piece of the concert.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

SoundCloud Rocket_Song

Rocketsong was taken, so I grabbed Rocket_Song.  heh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

For Jennifer - A Song

So the other night I ended up writing a dopy love song for my wife.

Huh?  How the heck did that happen?

Still need to work out the chords:

For Jennifer
Lyrics Mark E. Horning 10/19/2014
Music: Mark E. Horning...

Come my friend, and let me take your hand,
And walk together cross the burning sand.
Watch the stars come out above us like a giant milky flag unfurled

Someone to share the joy and wonder in your life
And to hold you close against the woe and strife
And we're standing both together you and me against the whole damn world.

    'Casue I love you more - than ever before
    And each new day just a little bit more
    Best friends forever no matter what the world may have in store.

So take my hand and tell me 'bout your day
I know that there's obstacles along the way
But together we can meet them, and together savor victory.

Cause a burden's lessened every time it's shared
And a joy is multiplied or even squared.
You're the best partner I could have in all of time and history

    And I love you more now - than ever before
    And each new day just a little bit more
    You're my best friend forever no matter what the world might have in store.

And I know sometimes you feel alone and lost
But nothing cheap is ever worth the cost,
And I know it takes an effort and sometimes we have to work real hard

And sometimes life simply gets in the way
But working together we'll rise above the fray
And I trust you and I love you and I hold you in such high regard.

    Yes I love you more now - than ever before
    And each new day just that much more
    You're my best friend forever no matter what the world might have in store.

Walking along, enjoying the view
Everything's easier when I'm with you
Together forever just the way that it was meant to be.
And oh so very grateful that you chose to live a life with me.

So come my friend and let me take your hand...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soundcloud - Take 1

Just signed up for a soundcloud account.  Let's see how (and if) this works shall we?

From the concert at this year's ConChord.  Jennifer singing Lightyears up the Line.  The song is from Ken Macleod's Engines of Light series.  Several years ago I asked Ken if I could write music for it, which he graciously granted.

So I wrote some music.  Then Jennifer fixed it by rewriting the chord progression for the even verses.  Here is the end result.

I'm using the Taylor GA3-12 run through a Fishman and DI box to the mixing board.  This is not the mix from the board, it's audio stripped from our camcorder.

Lead Vocals: Jennifer Horning
12-string guitar: Mark Horning
Lyrics: Ken Macleod
Music: Mark and Jennifer Horning

Friday, September 12, 2014

Youtube update

The Rocketsong channel on you-tube has many more songs now.  Most by me, but a few by Leslie Fish as well.

Check it out here:


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

CopperCon Concert

Finally got a couple songs up on the you-tube with Jennifer's help.

First up - The Knowledge Seekers.

My attempt at writing a neo-pagan song for my neo-pagan friends.  They appear to like it.

Second up - Discount Indulgences (dot com).

Inspired by my friend Chris Ambler who actually registered the domain name (singular) in order to sell indulgences over the web.  This one gets a lot of requests.  Seriously, a lot.