Thursday, June 28, 2012

RIP US Constitution

The US Constitution died today, she will be missed.  The constitution was killed by Chief Justice Roberts in the most bizarre reasoning imaginable.  Roberts basically said that the congress can do anything they like as long as they call it a tax.

So, that whole part of the constitution that says that Congress specifically can NOT pass an unapportioned tax? According to Roberts, that does not exist.

This is possibly the worst SCOTUS decision since Wickard.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Denny's Add

Yes, they are pandering.  However, it's yet more evidence that we are winning the argument...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

QoTd: Me

Overheard at work today: "If I wanted to be a #$%^'in Architect, I wouldn't have spent all those hours studding Quantum Mechanics.  Then again, in Quantum Mechanics, at least there is a finite chance that you can fit two 6-foot benches into a 10 foot space"  - Me

We have a 1-million dollar construction project going on at work, and only last week did management decide to ask the engineers to make certain that everything actually fit, and that the facilities (power, air, water, etc) was set up right for the equipment.  Yeah, good plan there guys.  We have equipment that draws 80 amps set for 20-amp breakers, missing N2 lines, missing C02 lines, missing network drops etc.  I think there might be walls that are in the wrong place...

So once again I get to fix it, otherwise it won't get fixed...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fahrenheit 73

Ray Bradbury passed away in his home last night, he was 91.

Ray was always more of a "soft" SF or Fantasy writer.  His only real science fiction novel was Fahrenheit 451.  The first Ray Bradbury book I read was The Martian Chronicles which was actually an assignment in Jr. High.   The Martian Chronicles is one of those books that appeals to literary folks but never really appealed to me.  I always got the impression that it was a group of short stories masquerading as a novel.

I only met Ray him once, when I was in high school.  He gave a guest lecture at the local community college which I attended, and signed books afterward.  I recall that he was very gracious. I still have the copy of Fahrenheit 451 he signed.  

I think perhaps this quote sums up his philosophy best. "I didn't write Fahrenheit 451 to predict the future, I wrote it to prevent the future."

He will be missed.