Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt wins SC

Looks like Newt has overwhelmingly won in South Carolina, to the point that he has captured all 19 delegates. That means that Newt and Mitt are tied in delegates at 19 each.

We might have a small bit of a race after all. Florida will be a real test. Romney has the money to saturate the FL airwaves with negative adds. That's bad. On the other hand it took him 4 million in attack adds to come in second in Iowa. That's Good.

I suspect that Jan 31 is going to be a long night.

Perry out

Perry is out and has endorsed Newt. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but every percentage point counts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rick Perry reads this Blog

So, apparently Rick Perry has been going around calling Mitt Romney a Vulture Capitalist due to the way Bain capitol did leveraged buyouts of companies, stripped the carcass off all useful assets, and then left the bones.

Hey Rick, way ahead of you there, but at least you could give me proper credit.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Link of the Day

From Forbes, why Maximizing Shareholder "value" is the dumbest idea in the world:

Vulture Capitalism

All right, here is a free catch phrase for my left wing friends: Vulture Capitalism

Venture capitalism is a process where investors pool their money and buy into smaller companies. Buy investing in a small company the investors are taking a larger risk than by investing in the larger market, thus venture, as in "nothing ventured nothing gained".

On average, over many such investments, the venture capitalist should expect to do better than the market as a whole, otherwise why take the risk?

What Mitt Romney and the Bain Group did in many cases was the traditional definition of venture capitol, though in many cases the companies invested in were fairly large, not the traditional start-up.

What they also did, quite a bit actually, was to buy up companies, and then dismember them for the assets. That is, they bought them not because they thought they could make money through the business, but they could make a profit by parting out the company, getting rid of the employees, selling off the land, buildings, fixtures and anything of value.

I call this dismembering of the carcass Vulture Capitalism. Even if it is necessary for the smooth running of a capitolist economy, it's the rather unseemly destruction of Jobs that leaves a rather bad taste for most Americans. Americans understand that businesses go under, and that businesses fail, they don't really understand or like it when businesses are closed on purpose in order to make money for outside investors.

So there you go my liberal friends: Mitt Romney, Vulture Capitalist.