Monday, October 21, 2013

ConChord 2013 Mini Review

And another ConChord is in the books:

I generally had a pretty good time. The merging ConChord with ConJecture still has a few rough edges, but generally is working pretty well. Still need some better signage, but the music venue is really outstanding. (9th floor of the tower overlooking the city). We had the same issue as last year in that there were simply too many concerts, and those scheduled too late in the evening, to have much of an open filk circle. I'd much prefer the concerts to end by 10 so that people are still awake enough to go to the circle.

On the other hand, the Dead Dog was one of the best I've been to since we had the AirTel. Lots of folks stayed over to leave Monday morning so we actually ended up Dead-Dogging until just after 11pm. Lots of thanks go to Barney who slaved away diligently at the sound-board all weekend.

 I ended up doing a short concert slot on Sunday. Once again I am reminded that I really need to practice playing standing up more. Yes, it helps your breathing, but working the mic is easier sitting down, as is actually seeing my music. (I'm always so jealous of those who can play without the chords in front of them). I'm told Barney made me sound good anyway.  We video taped the concert, so if anything decent came out of it I'll throw those up on my youtube site.

On the ConJecture side my wife and eldest daughter got to do Regency Dancing, and I managed to hit a few of the technical panels. Dani and Eytan Kollin were there so I was able to get a book signed. (the other 3 in the series were already autographed) . Several pieces of Art followed us home from the Art Show. Note, ConJecture usually has a very decent Art Show, not as nice or as large as LepreCon, but equal to the past few WesterCons I have attended. Now to find more of that mythical substance: free wall space.

Tom Smith was very personable, and the Tangers were simply lovely. The Creasy's made it, which meant that we were able to buy several CD's we didn't already have, and I had the opertunity to drop off several copies of my album since they had run dry. Also a copy will be flying back to Germany with the Tangers which is pretty cool.

Tim Griffin did an outstanding job as Toastmaster and looked like he was having the time of his life.

Looking forward to next year and already bought a membership. We have an outstanding music guest lined up, but I'll let Nick make the announcement...