Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Big Damn Album

Ok, so maybe I watched a little too much Firefly. Still this news is "shiny".

LepreCon is coming up. I will have a concert slot. Actually, I will have two concert slots. The intent of having two concerts is to provide two opportunities to get a high quality recording. Said recordings to become a "live from LepreCon" album.

Originally I had planed to follow the advice of a good friend who told me, "The theme of your first album is 'hey I have an album'". Thus I had planned to put together all of my eclectic songs into one steaming pile of folk music and call it "Aggressively Bardic". After sorting songs into two piles, the "space" stuff and the "other" stuff, I realized that I didn't quite have enough songs for the Bardic album. (yet)

That means it's going to be the Space album.

Here is the tentative set list:

Countdown towards Tomorrow
When Eagles Fall
Space Ship One
Spaceflight in Mojave
The Right Question
Path of Sorrows
Rocket Song
Honest Al's Used Rocket Lot
Don’t Need a Home
Guideposts in the Sky
Modern Myths
Cannon of the LORD
Children of the Lightning
The Earth is Home no More
Under Purple Fractal Trees
A Libertarian Discourse regarding the Utilitarian Justification of increased Space Flight

That's 16 songs, for a full hour of music.

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