Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Win for McCain

As expected a solid win for McCain in tonight's debate.

Obama repeatedly stumbled, talked about safe storage of nuclear "energy" when he meant nuclear waste. McCain came out and called for reprocessing of nuclear material, (which has been banned by executive order by Carter), and clearly showed that he was better on energy policy.

McCain also directly answered more questions (if that maters), especially the penultimate question on if he would assist Israel if they where attacked by Iran before we got UN "sanction". Obama never answered that one at all.

Points to Obama for looking calm and collected. Negative points for coming off as too cerebral. Carter was brilliant, and cerebral, and possibly the worst president of all time.

Negative points to McCain for thinking that anthropogenic global warming is real. However, since Obama also thinks it's real, it's a wash.


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