Sunday, November 23, 2008

Water Woes

Yesterday my neighbor comes over and tells me that we have a pretty big puddle in front of his house. I look sure enough, water everywhere. Looks to be square in front of where the water main turns to go to his house. Bloody no good shoddy...

The water meters are a good hundred feet down the road. Water company is pretty adamant that if it's on our side of the meter, it's our problem.


We have dirt roads in our neighborhood.

I get out my shovel and start digging. We get about 2- 2 1/2 feet down. No pipe. Let is set a while. Looks like clean water is coming in from the East. Dig another hole. Nope. Keep going.

Dig some more, Finally find the pipe around 4' from where we started. Mud mud everywhere. Get some tools and turn of the neighbor's water at the meter. Dig down untill I has some of the pipe clear.

Bail out the hole.

Hey, I can feel the water coming out. Looks like we found it. You know, there seems to be an awful lot of water coming out given that we shut off the water.

Much swearing...

Walk back to the water meters and turn of MY water line.

Pipe pressure drops to nothing.

Bloody no good shoddy... if I ever find the guy who built this place...

We finally got the pipe unburied enough to find the leak. There was a crack in one of the pipe joins. Opinion on arizonashooting is to fix it with a compression fitting. Not the best solution, but gluing the pipe will require a LOT more digging. Really, a LOT more.

Drive to Home Depot. Once again Home Depot = Fail.

Drive to Lowe's. Buy 1 1/2" compression fitting and small (low profile hacksaw)

Go out for Chinese food. Hey, it's a pain to cook when the water is off.

Cut off bad join. The second I touched the pipe with the saw the join split in two and separated around a sixteenth of an inch. That's a lot of strain on that pipe to do that.

Wipe off the pipe with a wet towel and install the compression fitting.

Here is another pic showing how deep the pipe was:

I let it set overnight, no leaks we we backfilled the hole with 180 lbs of sand from the Home Depot. (At least they have freaking SAND!!!) I then put the dirt back in the hole, tamping carefully.

Ok, Ford suspension, watermain, enough projects already.

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