Saturday, September 5, 2009

Desert Thoughts

I don't do mornings well. Nonetheless I got up at 03:45 this morning for a rendezvous across town. The message on our local board was succinct. Meet at the Sportsmans Warehouse at 5 am, we leave by 5:30.

It is actually possible to drive all the way across the Phoenix metro area in less than an hour, and to do so while following the artificially low (ridiculously low) speed limit. At 4-am, Phoenix roads are a barren waste, bereft of cars or trucks.

We met in the parking lot. Tired before the day began. Metting friends you've never met before. We waited, then at 5:30 a mighty convoy of 7 pickups headed north.

Arizona. High desert. September. It looks like this:


A beautiful Arizona day. You can see the storm clouds coming in from the southeast. Just enough breeze to cool the sweat on your face. One could not ask for a nicer day for this:


Dove Season.

Because sometimes you just need to go out and get into nature.
Enjoy it. Revel in it.

Then kill it and bring it home for supper.

Several folks from our local shooting board decided to get together for a dove hunt. Most of us had never actually met before, but that's ok. Dove hunting has always been a social activity, so it was an excellent excuse to get together.

According to Arizona Game and Fish (yeah Game and Fish, not Fish and Game) on average 5 shells are expended for every dove collected. Considering how many shells we expended trying to take the ones we saw, we must have been making up the average for that old guy everyone talks about, but never actually knows, who can kill one bird with one shot every time.

Early in the hunt. The Mossberg Silver Reserve handles quickly, perfect for quail, or maybe chukar. Great for close in shots at dove, though another couple of inches would be better for the high fliers.


End of the day. 7 doves. Not too shabby. Two members of our party limited out.


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