Monday, November 9, 2009

Zwanzig Jahre

Twenty years. I wrote this ten years ago
I stripped out the chord notation since blogger has issues with multiple spaces.

"Hier ende die Frieheit".
That's what the graffito said.
Written on a wall that's rubble Now.
And thought that wall is history
The challenge still remains
For governments will do as we allow.

Remember when the president
Traveled to Berlin?.
And gave a speech, standing so proud and tall.
No one thought it'd come to pass
When he demanded of the East,
"Mr. Gorbachav, Tear Down this wall."

So many people died
Fighting for freedom's crown
And the world cheered when that wall came down at last
There's little left but memory
Some stones set in the street
Strange how quickly we forget the past.

And no wall lasts forever
Tyrants always fall
We're casting off out fetters
and tearing down the walls.

Heir ende die Frieheit
A message to the world
A chilling warning to us one and all
Though we cheer our victory,
We must not forget the past
Do not forget the words writ on the Wall.

Never forget the words writ on the Wall.

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