Wednesday, April 7, 2010


More freedom is better, regardless of the situation.

You're either a supporter of rights or not. If you believe people really should be required to garner a permission slip to utilize their rights, then you're a Statist.

Period. Dot. End of story.

Statists believe in things like collectivism, government health care, government education, and that people are generally wards of the state - not owning their own lives and choices but "on loan" to the state for the benefit of the universal good.

Statism is EVIL.

Statists don't see people, they see human resources. They don't see individuals, they see members of groups. They don't see human beings, they see interchangeable cogs that can fit into their glorious plans for a Brave new World.

"Quick, we are running low on production, get me 4 tones of steel, 1 ton of copper and 214 laborers. Make certain at least 82 of them are black, our quota's running low. Why do you mean, they want to be treated as people, they're resources."

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