Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kitchen Cabenetry

Yesterday my father showed up with a trailer full of kitchen cabinets. We unloaded the trailer, but didn't actually get to installing anything untill today. Hurray for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Today we spent 8 hrs or so installing new uppers in the kitchen. The old ones were ugly, poorly made, and will make excellent shed cabinets.

California Ranch architecture and "southwesty" cabinet doors just do not go together. Note, not Southwest, "southwesty".

Here is the before pic. The microwave was already taken down since it failed spectacularly a couple weeks ago. (click to embiggen)


The new ones are just a wee bit sturdier, have 1/2" backs, and go all the way to the ceiling to get rid of the annoying gap one gets as a result of builders simply slapping cheap cabinets up. Oh, and I dropped in a new microwave.


I'll do the crown molding tomorow. Then we have to do the doors on the pantry cabinet, the doors and drawers in the bathroom vanities, and possibly add some shelves to the pantry.

Lowers will go in after Christmas, and countertops hopefully very quickly thereafter.

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