Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just got back from Fiddler's Dream. Double concert set featuring Joe Bethancourt and Leslie Fish.

Was nice. They held it in the fellowship hall since they needed the extra room. Joe bright 3 guitars (C.J. old Maple Martin 12, a 000C Martin Signature series, and a Cedar/Rosewood Breedlove.

He had the Breed tuned down to double drop-D, and it had some serious low end growl to it.

Les played Monster.

Joe played one song by a local called "Confederate Souvenirs" that was simply an outstanding example of songwriting. Picked up a couple of Joe's CDs since I have all of Leslie's already.


Chris Byrne said...

Lucky bastard... I miss Joe. Haven't seen him in a few, though we still talk occaisionally.

TJIC said...

A post about filk ... and guitar-nerding thrown in for free.

Awesome post!