Saturday, December 31, 2011

Newt Gingrich

Top Ten Reasons I am supporting Newt Gingrich for the Republican Nomination.

10 - As Speaker of the House, he actually balanced the budget of the United States. Yes, there was probably some shuffling of accounts, but when Newt was Speaker was the closest we have been since WWII to having a balanced budget.

9 - He's not Mitt Romney

8 - Newt had the balls to actually shut down the nonessential portions of the Federal Government. Sure Clinton helped, and actually it was mostly Clinton's fault, but Gingrich got the blame. Therefore, by all rights he gets the credit as well.

7 - He's NOT Mitt Romney

6 - Newt is a Historian by trade, not a lawyer. This is obvious when you listen to him speak. he actually understands the background of the things he talks about.

5 - Again, he's not Mitt Romney

4 - Did I mention that he's not Mitt Romney? Because that's pretty important.

3 - Oh yeah, he's not Rick Perry either.

2 - Newt is the one person who can clearly articulate a philosophical basis for why everything the democrats have been doing is not only wrong from an outcome based approach, but from a moral and ethical standpoint as well. And let's face it, watching Newt in a debate with Obama would be kind of like watching Mike Tyson beat up your 8th grade bully. Satisfying and a bit disturbing at the same time.

1 - And most importantly, he's NOT MITT ROMNEY.

If somehow Mitt does manage to get the nomination, that means that we get 4 more years of Obama, and an economy that is starting to make the Carter malaise years look like "the good old days."

Mitt is the guy who couldn't beat the guy who couldn't beat Obama. He's the guy who is actually less attractive to the base than McCain. (remember McCain lost due to low voter turnout among republican demographics) Frankly he's less exciting that Bob Dole, and that's really really hard to do.

Mitt simply can't win. And even if he could win, having a large government, anti-gun, big business crony capitalist, nanystate Rebublican in office is not measurably better than having a large government, anti-gun, big business crony capitalist, nanystate Democrat in office is it?

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Brett R. said...

This needs to run in every major, minor and local periodical in the country.