Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Load-All Junk

My 20 gauge Lee Load-All II press broke in half last night. It's never been a good press, but one would expect reasonably light duty out of it.

Now the Load-All isn't that great a press to begin with, the crimp isn't adjustable for example, so you have to take 3 times the normal time in component selection to get everything just the right height to crimp properly. Also it had an annoying tendency to crush cases instead of properly roll crimping.

The base of this press is a molded piece of plastic and the part that held the upright rod simply broke off.

I was loading some light 20 gauge loads:
. . 12.0 grains of International
. . Claybuster 1075-20 Wad (3/4 oz wad)
. . Winchester primers (Remington primers appear to be an extinct species around here)
. . Remington Hulls.

Even though the Load All was factory set up for 20 Gauge, the smallest shot bushing is 7/8 oz, so I had to hand weigh the charges.

Also the smallest shot bushing was about 20% to large to drop 12 grains of International so I ended up dispensing with my Lee Perfect Powder measure.

That meant that the only thing I was using the press for was seating the wad and starting and setting the crimp. Oh, and the wad seating rod isn't adjustable either, so I had to finish seating each wad with a ball-point pen.

Time to buy a Mec Jr. If anyone want's to give me a good deal on one let me know. Otherwise it will be e-bay to the rescue.

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