Friday, March 9, 2012


The MEC Jr. showed up yesterday. I stopped by Sportsmans Warehouse and picked up a 3/4 oz shot bar this afternoon.

Spent an hour tweaking adjustments and crushing hulls. Finally figure out that the press was assembled wrong. Only reason I figured out it was wrong is because I have another one in 12 ga.

Only took another 3-4 shells before I got it dialed in just right. Using a number 17 bushing I was able to load a box of the following:

Remington Hull
Winchester 209 Primer
11.8 grains of International
3/4 oz of 7 1/2 shot using a CB1075-20 (same as the CB1034-20) wad

Using the CB wad is a bit tricky, it has a molded in bump in the bottom to take up the volume equivalent of 1/8 oz of shot, but it can get stuck on the ram. If this happens, you can use an Allen wrench to poke the wad down all the way before dropping the shot.

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