Sunday, January 5, 2014

Central AZ Bloogshoot

Drove out to the Casa Grande shooting range today for the annual Central Arizona Blogshoot organized by
Kevin over at The Smallest Minority.

Never been to this range before and didn't know what to expect.

It is small but nice.  There is a rifle range and a small pistol range, both are covered and have concrete benches.  Best part: No Range Masters and no Fee.

I got there late and the range was already a bit crowded.  I ended up setting up at the pistol range because I wanted to work with a .22 Revolver somewhat away from the muzzle blast of Kevin's .458 SOCOM.

Ended up spending more time at the pistol range than I intended, so I probably came off as a bit anti-social.  Kevin let me shoot the SOCOM.  Very nice thump gun.  Be perfect for hunting Hogs.  Always seemed to me that the SOCOM was the best of the "big bore"  AR cartridges due to the bullet selection.

Had to leave early to get to another shooting event (4-H shooting sports for my Daughter).  But I'll definately try to hit this range again.

Thanks again to Kevin for organizing things.

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