Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mesa Gun show this weekend. Attended Saturday with a friend from work. The Termark Gun shows are now being run by the Crossroads of the West. As a result, there were a handful of new vendors that do not normally make the show, and a corresponding increase in the admission price.

Lots of people were buying. I could practically hear someone on horseback yelling "The Democrats are coming, the Democrats are coming." One vendor had primers, for reasonable $22-25 prices. Reasonable being defined as better than any of the local shops at any rate.

Picked up a nice old charter Bulldog for 3 bills. it's the old style, with the taper barrel. Not sure of the age, but Charter has been in and out of business 3-4 times since then.

I ended up working on my term paper all day long. It's mostly finished. Hopefully I can finish it off tomorrow, and that's it for the semester.

Damn but it takes a long time to get a Ph.D 6 units at a time.

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