Monday, July 14, 2008

Countdown Towards Tomorow

A Test, and a somewhat failed one. I can't seem to post with a fixed width font and maintain the spaces necessary to place chord symbols over the words properly.

A taste of the upcoming album:

Countdown Towards Tomorrow
Music and lyrics © Mark E. Horning 23 July 2004 4/4 time [5:36]

There's 5 seconds left, 'till we rocket toward tomorrow.
4 seconds left and this bird is set to soar
3 seconds left, the runway's clear before us.
2 seconds, 1 second, hear those engines' roar.

Well, I'm sitin' in the left hand seat, with a punk kid in the right
Who's never seen a good man die when a rocket fails in flight
He thinks he is the hottest thing, that's ever learned to fly
But I remember when I rode a missile through the sky.
But I guess I can not fault him, or heap on too much scorn.
We started flying rocket-planes before he was born.

And there's 5...

We go over the checklist, and the damn kid gets it right.
I'm feeling a bit generous, so I let him hit Ignite.
The folks on orbit need all of the supplies we provide,
But we pause for several seconds 'till I ram the throttles wide.
We’ve little time for speeches or traditions anymore
But the 5 second countdown honors those who went before.

We Count 5...

Bring her down from orbit, line her up and land her clean
Just another space flight and everything's routine.
Taxi to the fuel farm; fill her up with JP-8
Then re-fill the LOX tanks; check the oil while you wait.
Grab a cup of coffee, and a sandwich while you can
We've only got an hour, till we fly to space again.

When there'll be 5...

Well it isn't how it used to be, back in the days of old
When space was an adventure, and a wonder to behold
We've given up the romance, and we did it by design
the corporation's main concern must be bottom line
The benefits are lousy, we don't make what we're worth.
But still I've got the greatest job, on, or off, the Earth

And there's 5...
Yes there's 5...

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