Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Honda Civic of Handguns

I hate Glocks. I've never liked them, and I've finnally figured out why. Glocks are the Honda Civic of Handguns. They are reliable, reasonably priced, and utterly Blah. I've always said that the Glock is a great handgun for non gun people., which is why they are so popular with police departments. Similarly, the Civic is a great car for non Car people.

I want the same thing in a firearm that I want in an automobile: control, performance, and ergonomics. I want a car with rear-wheel drive, manual clutch, and a floor shifter. Yes, it takes a bit more skill to use, but the end experience is far more satisfying than putting some front wheel drive import into "Drive", hitting the accerator and waiting for it to do something.

Similarly, I want a handgun with a single action trigger and manual thumb safety. That's why a 1911 will always be a better handgun than a Glock. It does what you tell it to, it points better, the trigger is MUCH better, and it does exactly what you tell it to.

A 1911 is like a Ford Mustang with a stick, if you actually like cars, it will always be better than a Civic.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to carry your analogy a bit further. Just like the Honda Civic, it cranks up when you need it to, runs flawlessly with minimal maintenance, and will run with any kind of fuel in it.

Thus why I like Glocks,because the gun goes goes bang every time you pull the trigger. Unlike some 1911's that need several hundreds or even thousands of dollars to run equally dependably.

Mark said...

I've never seen a 1911 that needed anything more than better sights and proper maintainance. I have had cars like that though, a '65 ford with a 289 was a money sink for certain. But way more fun to drive than anything with FWD.

crazychicknlady said...

In regards to Glocks: a safety built into the trigger is not a proper safety feature. It is just wrong.

Of course, I've always preferred wheelguns.