Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four Stars

How about a new song?

So I was thinking that I should write a nice pro-ecology song. You know to "do my part" *cough*
Um, ok, well the problem being of course that, well I wrote it. So it ended up being a song about light polution. These things happen.

Four Stars

Words and Music © Mark E. Horning

April 2009

She grew up in the city. It's the only life she knows,

Surrounded by glass buildings, and the neon city's glow.

And the only stars she's ever seen were on the picture show...

But there's four stars out tonight...

there's four stars out tonight

four stars puttin' up a fight

four stars, shinin' with a light

yes there's four stars out tonight.

Light posts at every corner to keep the night at bay

She glances at the heavens as she stumbles on her way

And wonders 'bout those points of light, shinin' through The Gray

At those, four stars out tonight...

Because we fear the dark, we have cast the night away,

But the light that's shining in her eyes won't keep her safe today.

In fact they only make her safer, better, easy prey,

Beneath four stars out tonight.

We've cast away our heritage, we've cast away the night

And trapped the very stars themselves in prisons made of light

She'll never see the majesty, or wonder at the sight,

Just, four stars in the night.

We can regain out legacy, the vault of all heaven

Turn off the lights, take back the night, restore the stars again,

I know that we can do it, though I don't know how or when.

Free the billions of stars out tonight.

Yes there's billions of stars out tonight

Billion of stars trapped by city lights

and one fine day we may regain the sight,

Of all those starts out tonight,

but there's just four stars out tonight

four stars puttin' up a fight

four stars burning oh so bright

just four stars out tonight

yes just four stars out tonight

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