Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Good to Feel Welcome

Second business trip in three weeks.
I hate traveling. I especially hate airports. (though I love airplanes)

So myself and a coworker have several hours to kill before we actually have to show up to work. Since time is available, and the rental car is paid for, we decide to get in a little sightseeing. So here are a couple of pics. Guess where mark went. (looking at the picture URL is cheating)

Fist pic, weather was uncooperative


Second pic, next day, me and Nicola


Third pic, Have you guessed by now?


Now we happen to be a couple miles from the border, we both have our Birth Certificates with us, since that's required now. (note on 1 June a passport or passport card is required)

Going across- about 9:00 am - zero wait
Canadian Official: Good morning, where are you going today,
Oh, we're just going to go across, hand a left and see things from the other side. I doubt we'll see much in this weather though.
Yeah, it is pretty foggy, do you have any tobacco or alcohol?
No mam,
Ok, do you carry any guns, pepper spray, or large pocket knives.
No mam,
All right then, have a nice time and thanks for visiting.

Returning - about 11:00 am -20 minute wait
Me: Good morning, (handing her our Driver's licenses), American citizens nothing to declare.
Official: Where you going?
Me: Our Hotel.
Where you staying?
Um, the Best Western in Niagara Falls
What were you doing in Canida?
Trying to see the Falls from the Canadian side, can't see anything in this weather though.
How long were you there?
Uh, about two hours.
(she gives me the dirtiest look when I said that)
Buy anything?
Plants, fruits, vegetables.
Um, US. (I tactfully avoid telling her that I'd already told her as much)
Have your birth certificats with you?
Yes mam, here you go.
Grumble grumble, all right, you can go.

Man, it sure is NICE to feel Welcomed by your own DAMN GOVERNMENT now isn't it?

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Fiona D. said...

You are a free-thinking, hard working white man and you were expecting to feel welcome???