Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CD Baby Loves Me - Sort of

CDBaby is in the midst of a giant relaunch. In the process they have manages to slow down their site and have completely screwed up their search function.

For example, put Seanan McGuire in their search box, and you get zero hits. Put Seanan in the search box and you get seven (7) hits, the top one being Seanan McGuire. WTF?

That is some seriously BAD database coding right there. Anyway, if you put Mark Horning in the search box you get 13 hits, none of which is me or my album. However, if you know the URL, you can type it in directly

Oh, and BTW, the sound clips appear to be either missing or broken depending on which browser you are using.

The good news, you can now order my album direct from CDBaby. (note, I get to keep more money if you order it directly from me)

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