Monday, July 20, 2009

40 Years ago today

Forty years ago... Lt. Col Michael Collins was privileged to be the sole man in orbit about the Moon. Meanwhile two other blokes got to cavort about on old Luna's surface. I always though he got the raw end of the deal there.

Fortunately for him, some top not piloting and a "hatful of fuel" kept the LEM from landing on a huge boulder that was inconveniently placed where the Eagle was supposed to land.

Thus General Collins is the "forgotten Apollo Astronaut" rather than the guy who came back from the moon while the other guys died. Putting a man on the moon, that's easy. It's the whole "return him safely to Earth" part that's hard.

So I could give you one of my Appolo/Moon songs, but I won't. Instead I give you Hope Eyrie. No one said it better than Leslie.

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