Friday, January 15, 2010

Hubrus -Redux

I spoke about Hubris the other day.

The Democrats have completely misjudged the last election. They think they won, rather than that the Republicans lost. This is a not-so subtle distinction.

This is what actually happened: The fiscal conservative wing of the Republican party stayed home in droves last election. Why? Mostly because they were sick and tired of big-spending Republicans. If the Republican base had turned out in the same numbers as it did for the previous election McCain would have won.

Yes there are huge differences between the two major parties, but a lot of people when confronted with a "Tax and Spend Conservative" vs. a "Tax and Spend Liberal" say, ah screw it, opened another beer to drown their sorrows, and stayed home.

Thus, the next election is the Republicans to loose, though one should never underestimate their ability to "seize defeat from the jaws of victory". If they listen to Newt, they will win big.

I say this because Newt is publicly saying things that I have been saying for years, namely, Don't run against the other guy . Run against his ideas.

80%+ of Americans think it is morally wrong to visit the undertaker and the tax man on the same day. (death tax)

80%+ of Americans think that if they have to balance their budget, then so does the government.

80%+ of Americans, regardless of their position on Abortion, think that the government should not be paying for them.

80%+ of Americans now think the "stimulus" was a waste of money.

Stop running against the other GUY run against his IDEAS . Make him defend positions that 80% of Americans age against.

Brown gets it. The latest polls show Brown winning in Massachusetts by 3 to 11 points!!!

Brown wining in Taxachusetts, seems unimaginable. Yet the polls show otherwise. If you watched the debate, he's Good. His "it's not the Kennedy's Seat, it's not the Democrat's seat, it's the people's . seat" won him a lot of favor and donations. And the arrogance of the Democratic party isn't helping their cause. They figured it was the safest seat in the whole country so they nominated a dim bulb they thought they could control.

Only problem, she's such an obvious dim bulb that every time she opens her mouth the Dems loose more votes.


Fiona D. said...

Taxachusetts isn't as liberal as some would think. The people once elected Romney. Though the press would like to forget about that.

Mark Horning said...


As a Libertarian, I have a hard time distinguishing between a "Tax and Spend Conservative" and a "Tax and Spend Liberal"