Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minor Update

1) The house has been painted "Home Depot White". There is a little overspray to clean up but all in all not too bad.

It took 30 gallons. Yeah, that's a lot of paint. The tan color took two coats, I can only assume the red took more.

2) Garage door has been replaced and now works. The old lifter was actually only 3 years old (and worked) so we kept it.

3) The property has been graded. I think there is a little touch up to do, but the properly no longer looks like Korea (hills and valleys and fought over).

4) Started on the boy's room. Painted one wall blue, and have lain about 80% of the laminate. Probably need to get my table saw moved in order to finish it.

No pics, it's raining and I forgot the camera anyway.

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