Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hung Parliament

So the UK has a hung parliament. It the US because of our strong 2-party system this basically can not happen. The actual closest we can come is to have one house in the hands of one party and the other house in the hands of the other.

Note: this is generally the absolute best governement you can get, because it keeps them from "dooing something simply because they can."

Mark's prediction for the UK:

It's going to be a Conservative/LibDem coalition.

It's Win/Win for both parties. The Torries get to gvern, and the LibDems will get a couple of cabinet seats and be in a position to tell their constituents "see voting for the minor third party can advance our addenda" which gives them a pretty good opportunity to expand their base.

And anything to thumb their noses at Labor is going to play well right now.

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