Monday, May 24, 2010

WoTD - Randslide

I have to love neologisms. After Rand Pauls overwhelming (30+ percentage points) victory in the KY primary they have coined a new phrase:

The Randslide


Now Rand is pretty Libertarian in outlook, which is why he answers questions with typical Libertarian nuanced philosophical analysis. (I.e. yeah X law might have been a good thing but if you look at the implications for private property rights... etc.)

Now, the lame-stree-media is trying to convince everyone that the Tea Party folks (who got Paul his victory) are a bunch of Libertarian wackjobs. Well...

It is not strictly correct to say that the Tea Party is Libertarian. Mostly they are pure Fiscal Conservatives. Of course, Fiscal Responsibility is a strong Libertarian position.

Remember the GOP is comprised of three folks who really, really, really hate each other, the Christian Conservatives, the Fiscal Conservatives, and the Defense Hawks. Working together is what got Regan elected. They threw the Fiscal conservatives to the curb during the Bush years and currently the Christian groups are being sidelined by the Fiscal folks.

The tea partiers' positions on Social Conservative, or Defense/War Hawk type of Conservatism are generally all over the map. THey in general don't give a flying hoot who is diddling whom in the back room, their number one (#1) item on their "Contract for America" is a balanced budget.

They do not generally identify as "Republican" either. They hate Bush too, just for different reasons than everyone else.

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