Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the ethics of voting

Jen up at A Call to Wings has a huge rant about the government education system and the ethical implications of living in a republic. A small taste:

... Because I live in a republic, and I hold the franchise thereof. That means what my country does, so long as I vote, the moral weight of those decisions, their enactment, and their outcomes is on my head to. When the time comes to answer to account, I don't get to tell the Good Lord don't look at me - the King did that.

No, I have to say "yes.... I voted for that decision, because I thought it was least bad of a host of a bunch of bad options. I know that people were killed because of that choice, but I still put my name to it. ...

I don't think I get to say "well... a hundred million other Americans voted for X, so if X wasn't right, it's only one hundred millionth my fault." Because my ethical decision was my ethical decision.


I have been thinking about doing so for a while, but as of now A Call to Wings has been added to the blogroll over on the right.

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