Monday, September 12, 2011

Feast of Crows

Feast of Crows
Music & Lyrics (c) Mark E. Horning
9-12-2011: 6/8 time - strum

All on command –Now let the gulls fly
'till the shafts are so thick that they blot out the sky
Where the shafts fall - watch the foe writhe and die
....And none shall feast but the crows

/Dm - G Em/ C - Dm E/D C G E/ Dm CBbA Dm/

Fire one volley and fire two more
then fire at will at the foe in the fore.
Pull aim and fire – let the shafts soar
....Like an Eagle that feasts among crows

Hear the pipes thunder and hear the drums roar
We'll fight here again as we've fought here before
The wages of sorrow are the wages of war
....And they fly on the wings of the crows.

We fight for our families and fight for our land,
And we fight for our freedom, but we understand,
The only victors when the blood stains the sand
....Are the vultures, coyotes, and crows

So whisper your prayers, for if our friends we die
Fate is unkind, so this could be goodbye
But we'll see them in hell ere the sun quits the sky
....And leave out their bones for the crows

So here is my gift, it's a full cloth yard long
And it leaps from my bow with a heart full of song.
Those who would conquer, please know you are wrong
....And give my regards to the crows.

Instrumental break

All on command –Now let the gulls fly
'till the shafts in the air nearly blot out the sky
Watch the foe wither and watch the foe die
....Where none shall feast but the crows
....None shall feast but the Crows.
....No, none shall feast --- just the Crows.

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