Monday, May 28, 2012

Constitutional Crisis Jackpot

So I have been playing with the interactive electoral college map at and have found a couple very plausible scenarios when each of the major candidates gets 269 electors.

Lets start by saying that only 5 states are really "in play". NH, OH, IA, CO, NV.  We already showed that that there will be a tie if OH and NH go democrat and the rest go republican.

One gets a single point Romney win by giving OH and NH to the Republicans and the rest of the Dems.  However if the Democrats get one of Nebraska's electors (which happened last time) it's back to a tie.

The Constitution is clear, if the electors are undecided the House of Representatives picks the president.  Somehow I think there might be riots if that happened.

Play with the map.  What are your plausible scenarios for Constitutional Crisis Jackpot?

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