Saturday, May 19, 2012


Went by the Car wash place to get the oil changed in my wife's Expedition.  It usually just a few more bucks than an oil only and you get a reasonably nice car wash plus they wipe down and vacuum out the inside.  They use Valvoline which is quality, if not top end oil.

I pull in and see brand new "Pennzoil" signs, and Pennzoil caps on the employees.

Me: "So when did you switch to Pennzoil"
Employee:" About a month ago"
Me: "You have anything else?"
Employee:"Nope, just Pennzoil"

Me: "I won't put that stuff in my vehicles"  and I drove off.

I've seen what that crap does to engines in my auto-shop class way back when.  I wouldn't put it in my car if it was free.

So I'm changing my own damn oil again.  I really am too-old for crawling under a Ford.  At least this one is 4-wheel drive.  I'll have to find a new place or buy some ramps when it's time to do the Mustang.

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