Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Advice for Rahm

Chicago Teachers make on average $76,000 not counting benefits.  That's more than most college professors make, 3 times what our state legislators make, and well within the upper 30th percentile of houshold incomes.  (top 10% if you have two teachers in a household)

They work 6 hr days, get three months off, and they are striking because a pay increase of 16% over 4 years isn't good enough for them.  So much for teachers being underpaid.

Here is my advice:  Emulate Calvin Coolidge, Emulate Ronald Reagan, fire every last one of the ungrateful wretches.  If you need someone to teach while hiring replacements have the Governor call up the Guard.  Any officer in the Guard has a bachelors degree and can probably teach better than these slugs anyway.

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