Friday, October 12, 2012

Hey there Obama

So this morning I realized that "Obama" has the same number of sylables as "Delilah"


Hey There Obama"

 Lyrics (c) Mark Horning 10/12/2012

Hey there Obama, do you like bureaucrat City?
There's 12 million unemployed, Barrack, your party's sitting pretty
Here's a clue... Carter wasn't half as bad as you
I swear it's true

Hey there Obama, don't you worry about the budget
Fifteen trillion's a big number, that's the debt held by the public
That you made... Listen to my voice, you can't evade
Folks are afraid

Oh, it's what you do to me, With, this bad economy
On, no more prosperity, Oh, it's the economy
That matters to me

Hey there Obama,  times are hard, you can't avoid
But believe me, sir, it's hard to pay the bills while unemployed
Well times are rough... And your agenda makes things tough,
We've had enough

Hey there Obama, Bush left messes, fair to say
But big bailout spending made things worse, you did it anyway.
Don't your recall... That our economy is in free fall?
I've made my call.

Oh it's the economy, Oh, no more prosperity
Not your foreign policy,  No it's the economy

            12 million jobless seems bizarre. 
            They've lost their homes and lost their cars
            I really do not like that other guy...
            I'd like to pick you once again, 
            but hope is not a fiscal plan
            We let you have a chance and have a try,
            Obama I can promise you, that by the time you get through
            The States will never ever be the same
            And you're to blame

Hey there Obama, Change and Hope disillusioned me
Four more years of this and when you're done , the dollar would be history
Yes it's true.   You know that it's all because of you
We will vote however we need to.
Hey there Obama, we'll miss you
Farewell to you

Oh it's the economy, Oh Sinking in the sea
Oh just flotsam and debris, Oh it's the economy
That matters to me.

It's the economy.


Edited because I missed a slant rhyme the first time. 

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