Sunday, August 11, 2013

CopperCon 2013 Review

Just back from CopperCon.

Worst CopperCon Ever. 

Possibly even the worst Con ever, but definitely the worst I've ever been to:

No Music Guest
No music track
No Science track
No Regency Dance
No Masquerade
No Artist Guest
No Art Show
Con Suite: Calling the Con Suite pathetic would be an insult to the pathetic.

The dealer's room had one bookseller (Massoglia Books) and a whole bunch of comic book dealers.  Yeah.  Let's just say that not a lot of commerce was taking place.

 I ended up volunteering to do a concert on Friday night. Thanks to last minute rescheduling of the rooms, we didn't even have time to run a proper sound check, so I suspect it sounded pretty bad. I know the mic was popping like crazy and one of the guitars was a lot hotter on the board than the other.

Clearly the Con Chair had no clue what he was doing.  Anyone who lets this guy run (and ruin) their con has been warned.

The convention hotel is actually pretty good.  It's an older property on the old/former US-60.  Although the bones are clearly pretty old (slump block construction and popcorn ceilings) they are in the process of fixing it up and were actually doing external painting while we were there.  It's one of the most affordable convention hotels in the area, which actually encourages locals to stay rather than commute.  Also since the place is probably 40-years old all of the trees are huge and provide plenty of shade.

The good: I did manage to sell one (1) CD, and we had a rather decent room filk going in Gary Swaty's room Saturday night.

This is very sad. CopperCon used to be a very nice convention in years past. Needless to say, until there is a major shakeup in the organization, we won't be doing another Copper.

Note, although there is some overlap, the folks who run LepreCon are a completely different group of people.  Lep has really gotten their act together lately and is putting on a much nicer con than in years past.

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