Friday, August 2, 2013


I've been asked to do a concert of "NewSpace" songs for CopperCon.  This will be on Friday at 17:00.  At 18:00 Henry Vanderbilt will give a talk on NewSpace, so it's a nice tie in.

Henry is of course the founder of the Space Access Society.

Tentative song list:

Countdown Toward Tommorow
Fire, Fire Fire, (Tim Griffin)
Modern Myths
Space Ship One
Bloody Bastards (Jordin Kare)
Dreams of Tungsten
Spaceflight in Mohave
The Right Question

I'll have a few extra in reserve just in case.

Most of these are on Space and Freedom, but Dreams of Tungsten is newer, and Dragonflight was written a couple days ago so is brand new.  I also like throwing a couple of other folks songs into my concerts which is why one of Tim's and one of Joridin's songs are in there.

The "plan" is to get a decent recording with the Panasonic HD camcorder and upload a few to youtube.  We'll see how that goes.

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