Sunday, August 24, 2014

CopperCon 2014

CopperCon 2014 is in the books.

 Better than last year. Of course not going to a con at all would have been better than last year. See Review HERE. The highlight of last year was my wife publicly castigating the Con Chair, and then having others applaud.

No,  I am NOT kidding.

2014 - Leslie Fish was the music guest. Les did great and we stayed up filking until 2 am Friday night and 3 am on Saturday.

Dr. David Williams was the Science guest. Had some great presentations on exo-planets, and another on asteroids. If you need a science guest for your convention I can recommend him, as he is a great speaker and well prepared.  I've known David for years, his day job is being an extra-terrestrial geologist at ASU.

The author guests were folks I've never heard of (probably because they were mostly Fantasy writers) but I did see Michael Stackpole in the hallway.

 Did a panel on Excessive computerization which went off topic (don't they all) but was pretty interesting. Did another panel on "The ethics of war and technology) which I really enjoyed doing. The two panelists were myself and Colette Black Vernon, a very nice young lady who is a local spec. fic author. 

Concert went OK. Tried getting some recordings but had the typical issue of inconsiderate jerks forgetting to put their cell phones on vibrate instead of nuclear alert klaxon. Anything useful we can put up on my you-tube CHANNEL.

 Also got video of Leslie's Concert. Honor ran the camera, so I was able to play door-guardian and prevent the door from slamming shut as people went in and out.  Desparately needed some oil or WD-40 though, as the door had a horrible squeak.  We shall see over the next few days if we got anything useful.


Leslie Fish said...

Wow, I didn't realize the concert was being videoed! Please let me know if you really did get any good footage out of it; I'll want copies!

Mark Horning said...

Yeah, thought the tripod and video camera in the front row gave it away. Plus I told you several times that we would do our best to get video.

Honor ran the camera. I actually stood by the door to try to prevent any "door slamming" noises on the recording.