Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A year later and still barking up the wrong tree

I am SO DONE with leftists claiming that anyone who disagrees with them on their nutty "big government is the answer to everything" is a racist. Grow up. The only folks who ever put people in camps were DEMOCRATS. But folks who can't read the Constitution can't read history books either.

Free advice if you ever want to win an election ever again. Every time you start frothing at the mouth and claiming that folks who want to cut taxes and government spending or limit government to it's actual limited and defined jurisdiction is a racist: You LOSE. That's one of the reasons your side lost the last election.  (Nominating someone even more crooked than LBJ certainly didn't help) 
I'm sure it's great virtue signalling to the fringe, but to the rest of us it just makes you look unhinged.

You want to know what most folks want from the Federal Government? They Want To Be Left Alone. They want them out of their lives, out of their livelihoods, out of their wallets, out of their bedrooms, out of their business, and out of the way. That's not racist, that's America.

So go ahead and double down on the hate speech. Because that's how you lose, and keep on losing.

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