Monday, June 8, 2009

Land of the Lost - Crash and Burn

So the weekend numbers are in, and the latest Will Ferrel crapfest bombed at the box office.


A remake of Land of the Lost (LotL) could have been something great, instead we get Will Ferrell and dinosaur poop jokes.

As a 36 year old with 8 and 6 year old daughters, I’m smack in the middle of where the target demographic for a LotL movie ought to be.

1) They are making a Land of the Lost movie – sweet

2) It’s going to be a comedy – aw crap

3) It’s going to star Will Ferrell – *sigh*, double crap, never mind then.

LotL was a campy, low budget SF/Adventure show, but it was never a comedy. It certainly was never a toilet humor comedy. Trying to make LotL a comedy is akin to trying to make “The Prisoner” a comedy. It does not work on the face of it.

See ABC’s reimagining of the classic Gen X series “V” – not a comedy. (oh this one looks pretty good)

Reimagined BSG -not a comedy.

All right you Hollywood folks without a dimes worth of creativity amongst the lot of you, let me make this easy for you: Want to make a comedy? Make a movie out of Barney Miller or WKRP, not an SF/Adventure show.

Or sit down and watch “The Big Bang Theory” and learn what makes a show funny.

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