Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Physics Dept

So I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from the Director of Graduate studies. It was one of these vaguely threatening messages that basically said "We want you to explain to us how you can possibly finish up your dissertation within our arbitrary time limit while holding a full time job"

I therefore ignored it.

I got another e-mail a couple days ago that said "You never responded, would you care to comment" and copied the original.

Note this is from a person who has basically NEVER responded to any of my communication or concerns over the past several years. So maybe, just maybe, I got a wee might snarky.

I sent an e-mail back that said:

Dr Doak,

I'm sorry, I was under the impression that ignoring e-mails was a fine time honored tradition in the Physics Department.

Hmmn, what's that burning smell? Couldn't be a bridge could it?

Well I got a response, and oh boy did I mannage to press his buttons. This time he sent a far more threatening letter.

I told him that he could tell the Chair to expect a letter directly from me that evening, and as for his recommendations...

(no I didn't say THAT, though I was tempted)

I said that as for his recommendations I didn't see how I had any control over those, he would do what he chose to do.

I then sent the Chair a nice letter telling him exactly why I had no interest in returning to the Department next semester. By my math, it would take a minimum of another 46 units to finish up the Ph.D, and it would be impossible to finish within their arbetrary time limit. And since they have never seen fit to understand that some of their students might possibly have JOBS.

And since they still stubornly refuse to give the students any (and I mean ANY) feedback regarding the comprehensive exams...

Well... Screw 'em.

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