Sunday, February 28, 2010

Car Repair for Gunnies

Gunnie Car Repair Tip of the week.

My Wife's 98 Expedition has been starting a bit slow. Not too surprising as the battery is about 3 years old, and Arizona is DEATH on car batteries.

Multimeter shows good charge.

Remove both clamps. Clamps could definitely use a cleaning.
Arizona is DEATH on battery clamps as well.

Posts are easy, I have a wire brush for that. Clamps? Get the clamp-tool brush.

Tool is NOT where it belongs. I really hate it when people don't put stuff back where it belongs, especially as it's probably me, since I can't see anyone else actually using a bettery terminal brush around here.


So what do I have?

Last gun show I bought a .223/5.56 NATO chamber cleaning brush. Brush has non-standard threads. No worries, I also bough an adapter. Adapter was the wrong one. I.e. it lets you use US standard cleaning accessories on a military cleaning rod, in other words, absolutely useless; if I had a military cleaning rod I wouldn't need an adapter.

*evil thought*

Chucked the basically useless chamber brush into a cordless drill. The back portion of the brush is a perfect fit to the battery clamps.

Took about 2-3 seconds and the clamps were shiny as new or more so.

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