Monday, February 1, 2010

The Great Amazon Fail-Fest

Re: Amazon vs. Macmillan

At the end of the day, I’ve never bought an e-book, and have absolutely no intention of doing so, pretty much ever.

This kerfuffle has nothing whatsoever to do with e-books. It has to do with Amazon delisting 1/6th of their inventory of paper, physical, dead tree books as part of a heavy-handed negotiating strategy with a publisher over a completely different product.

Major, no Epic, FAIL.

All I want from Amazon is real books with free shipping. Not music, not power tools, not electronic copies of 1984 that disappear on their own, and certainly not every single bloody widget on the planet sold by one of your stupid “partners” with added-on shipping.


You know, the things they were burning in Fahrenheit 541.


I am extraordinarily pissed off at Amazon right now, and I've been a customer since back in the day when one used Lynx to brows the web. Yes Virginia, I once ordered books on line using a text based browser.

I have a couple of books I need to order. Who else has free shipping?

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Freedom said...

Just to be pedantic, I must point out that:

For Christmas we ordered music CDs for the girls.

A few years back you got a power drill.

We've even gotten a few Wii games and DVDs from them as well.

But I get your point ;-).