Sunday, February 7, 2010

Looked at the house

So, looked at the house again. Definitely needs work. More than I remembered actually.

1) paint whole bloody inside - it's taupe and blood red. 20 gallons of Navaho white +labor, maybe $1000 if I'm lucky

2) Garage door is cracked, warped and basically AFU. Probably another $1000

3) Grade the lot - $1000. Already have a quote.

4) Countertops- Might be under $1500 as granite has come down, and the kitchen is not that large. Of course we will need a new sink as well *sigh*

5) plus lots of little stuff that is going to add up.

So, probably 5-grand worth of repairs just to make the place liveable.

Then I'm going to need the fencing fixed, and moved, trees planted, concrete poured...

1 comment:

Freedom said...

Hey now, you like bringing trees home from those big box stores, so I don't think tree planting should go on your all this shit to do list ;-).

And you knew we would need to grade the lot and get a new garage door and counter tops when we put in our bid.