Tuesday, February 16, 2010

QOTD - Mauser Medic Edition

Hat tip to the MauserMedic for this one:

Leftist, political atheists are some of the most humorless, grim, pain in the ass individuals I have ever met. Not everything is about religion, or imposing your particular belief structures on the lumpen-proles. You people (and I mean that in the full sense of the derogatory "you people") need to go drink some beer, eat some grilled red meat, try to get laid, and enjoy life. Because overall, you're a real bummer to be around.

Seriously, as a Far-Right Arch-Libertarian, Ayn Rand was a bit of a wuss Atheist, the lefty ones drive me nuts. No one in the real world gives a rat's rear end about a cross somewhere out in the Mojave for example. Let those poor folks be.

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