Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alien Space Bats in Scottdale

Well not really... But we did have S. M. Stirling in town today for a book signing at the Poisoned Pen. Stirling's latest book, The Scourge of God, was released on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I ordered my copy from Amazon and, thanks to hurricane Gustav, it is still sitting in Georgia somewhere. That's the Georgia next to Alabama, not Russia, for those of you who are wondering.

The Poisoned Pen is a nice independent locally owned bookstore in old town Scottsdale. The specialize in mysteries, but have a variety of authors come through.
If you are local, it's worth a visit.

Steve read a short passage from The Sword of the Lady from his Kindle, and answered a few questions from the crowd. There were only a dozen or so fans there, so I managed to get 5 books signed.

He was rather funny and engaging, it would be nice to get him as a Guest of Honor at one of the local cons. Last week at CopperCon would have been perfect, but the latest book was released the day AFTER the con.

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