Monday, September 1, 2008


John McCain may have just won the election. He has been ahead in the polls for a week or two, but picking Sarah Palin could be the nail in the Democratic coffin.

The main stream media is going to spin this as a ploy for Hillary Voters. This is only partially true. The democrats won't admit it, but they do pay "identity" politics. And nominating a female VP will pull some of those voters away from the Obama/Biden ticket. My guess is that most of those voters will be too young to remember Geraldine Ferraro.

The real reason to pick Palin is three fold.

1) She excites the base. The "clinging to their guns and God" crowd is absolutely giddy. The folks who were saying "McCain 08, because I love my country more than I hate John McCain" are doing the little happy dance. Palin gives the religious right someone to vote FOR, instead of just against the other guy. Same for the Gunnies. The pro 2nd amendment crowd does not trust McCain, and they never will. Palin goes Moose hunting for God's sake.

2) Executive experience. It would be a lot better if she were a 2nd term governor instead of a 1st termer. Regardless, she has more executive experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden combined.

3) Energy and the economy. This election is not going to turn on Iraq. It is going to turn on the economy and energy. Palin spearheaded the construction of the largest natural gas pipeline in the country. One that when finished will provide Billions of cubic feet of Natural gas. Palin comes from Alaska, and Alaskans overwhelmingly want to drill in the barren wasteland that is ANWR.

This country needs a comprehensive energy plan. That means:
Drill here, drill now.
More nuclear plants
Solar Thermal
Distributed Solar Voltaic

It also means cutting government spending. McCain has been a hawk on Pork and Earmarks, but Palin actually has a record of cutting government waste. Also of exposing government corruption. (Democratic AND Republican corruption)

4) Last, whether you like her or not, folks like Palin are the future of the GOP. I already hear people calling for a Palin/Jindal ticket in 2012. These folks are giddy. And again, they are doing the happy dance.

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